Thursday, March 17, 2011


I stole this from the Lovely KB over at The C(K)Lamb Roll. :) Thanks KB!

Just a little St. Patty's Day fun that has absolutely nothing to do with St. Patty's Day.

Age: 33. Sometimes I forget and have to think about it. Isn't that sad?
Bed Size: King. Love it.
Chore you dislike: Vacuuming and ironing. Luckily my husband enjoys both of these.
Dogs: Boomer was my childhood dog. He was the best. Lola is my mom's dog and she's pretty cool too.
Essential part of your day: Snuggling with Brody
Favorite color: prob pink. or maybe navy.
Gold or silver: Silver, for sure.
Height: 5’3″
Instruments you play(ed): I played the violin in elementary school. Failed. Hated it.
Job title: Academic Advisor/Orientation Coordinator
Kids: 1, Brody, 4 months old.
Live: San Jose, CA
Mom’s name: Sue Ellen
Nicknames: I really haven't had many. Not much you can do with Sara. LB calls me ST or swout (back in the day). Kerry calls me Shibbs or Shibby. Dee and Cari call me Sar. Joe and I call each other Marty.
Overnight hospital stays: The first time I ever had to stay in the hospital was when I had Brody. My send was 6 weeks later for my gallbladder. 2 hospital stay in my entire life, all withing 6 weeks. Oh and they were two different hospitals.
Pet peeves: chronic complainers/negative nellys (good one, KB), people who drive really slow even though everyone else is going much faster, people who make it seem as though their work lives are so stressful, though you never actually see them doing anything. 
Quote from a movie: “You said three casinos?"- Ocean's 11. Best.Movie.Ever.
Righty or Lefty: righty
Siblings: One older brother, Jason.
Time you wake up: During the week, I usually get up at 6. On days that Joe takes Brody to daycare or is at home with him, it's 6:45. The latest I'll usually sleep on the weekends, is 8 or 8:30 and that's if Joe has already gotten up with Brody.
Underwear: In the words of my good friend Erin "everyone loves a full panty".
Vegetables you don’t like: zucchini
X-rays: once, when I thought I broke my finger. And dental xrays of course.
Yummy food you make: mini meatloaves. mmmm.
Zoo. Favorite zoo animal: hmmm, probably the monkeys or penguins.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Going Back To Work...

I went back to work shortly after Brody turned 3 months old. The adjustment was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but that's because I think I expected the worst. I wasnt excited about going back to work and leaving my little man, so I didn't think about it a lot. I had child care in place, but other than that I didn't really focus on maternity leave coming to an end.

I really couldnt be happier with how thigs have worked out. Our child care set up is great. He's with Joe on Mondays (we call them Daddy Mondays), my mother in law on Tuesdays and with Miss Pat (in-home day care) on Wednesdays through Fridays. It's a really nice balance actually. He gets to be at our house on Mondays and Tuesdays, which is great for me because I get to just leave the house and go straight to work. It's also nice for him to be in his own environment. He's a baby that likes to sleep in, so that's a bonus for him too. I have left many mornings where he hasn't woken up yet. It's sad that I don't get to love all over him, but I love peeking in over the crib at him sleeping peacefully.

I love Miss Pat. She came highly recommended by my Mom's neighbor, who's little girl (E is 2 1/2) has been going to Miss pat since she was a few months old. They have the cutest relationship. I was worried that I was going to intrude on this and forever scar E for taking away her Pat, but it seems to be going well. I think E is coming around to liking Brody. Yesterday, she kissed Brody on the head and said "bye sweetheart" as we were leaving.

Pat is wonderful. You can just tell that she loves Brody already. She has so much experience with kids and always has the most helpful tips to share with us. She can make Brody smile just by looking at him. I love that he loves her. I hope we can continue taking Brody to Miss Pat for a long time.

Of course Brody loves being with his Daddy and his Nana too. Those are great times that they both get to have with Brody. I love coming home at the end of the day to hear how much fun they've each had with him and just how cute and wonderful he was all day.

There have definitely been some adjustments with going back to work. I get up almost an hour earlier in the morning, but I arrive to work at least a half an hour later than I used to. It's not just get up, get ready and go anymore. It's actually kind of nice to have so much interaction with Brody, Joe, and/or Peg and Pat in the mornings, but they can be hectic. Time flies with a baby. The evenings are the same way. When I pick B up from Miss Pat's, we don't get home until 6pm at the earliest. He often gets tired and hungry shortly thereafter, so we quickly try to eat and clean up before giving him a bath and a bottle. I love evening with my husband and baby, but I wish I had more time to play with Brody and relax with Joe. I'm still trying to figure out the best schedule for all of us to make the most of our evenings together. It actually looks like the time change may help us a little bit with keeping him awake an hour longer. Hopefully it stays that way!
I treasure my weekends more than ever. Saturdays are family day. Joe doesn't work, so it's our one day a week to spend together, just the three of us. I love doing nothing, or doing everything. We usually don't make any plans and just let the day unfold. Sunday's are equally as fun, since I get Brody all to myself. I usually make a lunch date with a friend or spend the afternoon with my mom. Weekends are just like maternity leave except more friends/family aren't working! Hooray!

Overall, I feel very lucky to have the set up that I do for our family. As much as I didn't want to return to work, it's something I had to do for our family. I am thankful that I enjoy my job and the people that I work with. I'm also beyond happy with our child care situation. A happy mama equals a happy baby and vice versa. I can honestly say that although it's been an adjustment, everyone is very happy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 months

I've finally caught up! Brody is four months old, as of last Sunday.

Brody loves to chew on his hands.

How big is Brody? We had B's 4 month well visit on Monday and he weighed 16 lbs, 2 oz. and measured 24.75 inches. He's in the 75th percentile for weight, 50th for height and 80th for head size. He's my little chunky monkey.

Almost all of his clothes are now 3-6 months with the exception of some 6-12 month stuff from Old Navy. He's quickly growing out of the 3-6 though. At the end of last summer, Joe and I bought a handful of sale stuff that he could wear this summer. However, we estimated that he'd be in 6-9 month when the weather got warm. He's quickly Approaching that size, so it better get a lot warm real fast, or he better stop growing so quickly. I prefer the former.
He's officially in size 2 pampers diapers. We made the switch a week or so ago, and I actually think it was a little overdue.

Teeth? Still no teeth. The doctor checked and said it he will probably start teething at around 7 months.

What's he eating?
B is now eating/drinking 5 oz, every 3 hours. We upped his ounces to 5 and even tried 6, but that was too much for him to have consistently. We give him 6 oz at bedtime, but during the day, he was spitting it up. We're also incorporate some juice to help keep that little soy baby regular. The soy can be constipating, so the juice will offset that. He's not a huge fan of the juice, but we can usually get him to take a sip or two a few times a day. I've tried both prune and pear juice. We talked to the doctor about solid, so we'll try out some rice cereal this weekend.

He's still pretty inconsistent with his sleep. Sometimes he'll go down right away and other times he wakes up every half an hour for the first few hours. He seems to be having nightmares (is that possible?) where he's crying in his sleep and then wakes himself up, pretty upset. The other nights, he's a champ. Falls asleep and will wake up only once to eat. Those nights are obviously the best.

I'm sure every parent thinks their child has the best personality. Bordy is just so much fun and super easy going. Even if he's crying in his crib, as soon as he sees you, he starts to smile. he'll smile at strangers and even himself in the mirror now. He laughed for the first time at the little girl at day care. She was dancing and jumping around and he thought it was funny. He started to giggle more throughout the month, and will now laugh when we blow raspberries on his belly. He's super interested in anything that's around him. He looks all over when we're in a new place, checking out his surroundings. He's very curious.

New Developments/Adventures:
Brody loves his hands! They are constantly in his mouth. If you take one hand out of his mouth, the other goes right in. He is very curious about textures too. His bedroom walls have a roughness to them and he loves to rub his hands over the wall when I change him. Also, when we lay him in his crib, he immediately reaches out to rub the bumper with his fingers. Not texture there, but he loves to touch it. He's been more interested in toys and loves having something in each hand. I've attached toys to his car seat and he often has a hold of one in each hand. Brody has a lovey that's a monkey and he loves him. We named him Marvin. It's actually amazing to see how much calmer he gets when we give him Marvin. He always holds him close to his face. If we let him, he'd sleep with Marvin over his face. Obviously, because of this, he does not sleep with Marvin.

Brody has started rubbing his eyes when he's tired. I think it's the cutest thing. Usually it means he's beyond tired, but it's still nice to have a sign as to what he needs.

Brody started daycare, when I returned to work this last month. I plan to do a post all about returning to work. I'll just say that everything with our child care is working out great and I'm a very happy momma.

Brody is a chatterbox. He has lots and lots to talk about. He will just sit there and babble. He often wakes up and just starts talking to himself and he's always talking to himself in the car. It's the cutest thing. I have to hold myself back from taking videos of him doing this. I just think it's so entertaining. Most recently, he's learned to make high pitch squealing noises. He sounds like a dolphin. It's still cute.

A rather new development, just within the last week or so, is that Brody gets distracted very easily when he's having a bottle. If Joe walks by and says something or even sits out of sight and talks, Brody immediately stops eating and looks around for him. He likes to be part of the conversation as well. He prefers to sit near us when we're having dinner, and doesn't like if we both walk into the other room without him.

The doctor said that the most changes occur between the 2nd and 4th month and I completely agree. Brody has not only grown a lot, but he's learned so many new things. It seems like there's something new everyday. He's such a fun little boy. I cant wait to see what he has for us next month!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pot sticker Soup

I'm posting a recipe! This is huge for me. I never cook anything exciting, and rarely have any recipes worth sharing. I give full credit to my mother in law for this soup. I feel in love the first time I had it and now it's a staple in our household. It's super easy and super delish. You should give it a try.

Frozen Chicken and Vegetable Pot stickers (as many as you want to eat!)
1 T minced garlic (or less is you don't like garlic)
Swansons Chicken Broth- size depends on how many you're feeding (32oz or 48oz)
Baby Carrots (amount of veggies it to your liking. all chopped to bite size)
Broccoli florets
Snap peas
green/red peppers
spinach leaves
Green onion, chopped
Sesame Oil
Mongolian Fire Oil- if you like it spicy. Joe uses it, I do not.
Saute minced garlic in med/large pot. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add pot stickers and carrots and cook for 8 minutes. After 4 minutes, add the rest of the veggies, except for the spinach leaves and green onion. After the 8 minutes, add in the spinach leaves green onion and sesame oil to taste. Stir and serve. Add fire oil, if desired.

It's so easy, fast and scrumptious. I much prefer cooking recipes where I can see what the finish product looks like, but I dont have a picture. You'll just have to trust me that this soup is totally worth it.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite (Baby) Things

I have so many funny baby stories/adventures to share, but before I get caught up on the last few months, I thought I'd share some of my favorite baby items, thus far.

When I first registered, I put EVERYTHING on it. I gathered lists from a number of my friends with recommendations of "must have baby items". I then decided that I needed all of it. First lesson was realizing that there were only so many people that were going to be buying us gifts, so I should really only put the items on my registry that either: 1. I couldn't/didn't want to buy myself 2. fun things other would rather buy for us or 3. expensive items that multiple people could go in on together. People who are having multiple showers or a very large shower and/or a large family may want to put more items on their registry so there's more to choose from. I ended up taking things off of my registry, fearing that we wouldn't get the things that we really needed. In the end, we got almost everything we needed or ended up purchasing them with gift cards that people had given us. It all, obviously, worked out.

Everyone has different circumstances, so each mom will have different reasons for their must haves. Some people have bigger/smaller houses and live in different weather climates. I think it's still fun to gather lists from friends to see that kinds of things they recommend.

Here's are may must haves based on the last 4 months....

Car seat:
We went with Chicco Key Fit 30 - did you know it's pronounced "key-ko"? I didn't! We really like it. A few people I know used the same brand and really liked it. It also had really high safely ratings. We got it from I highly recommend this website. The car seat was much cheaper here than it was at Babies R Us (BRU) and had free shipping.

Pack 'N Play:
I knew I wanted a pack n play, not only for travelling, but also because I figured that this is where he would sleep for the first few weeks/months. We picked the style that had a "newborn napper". I thought it seemed like a cozy place to sleep. He did end up sleeping here before moving to his crib, however, it seemed to be quite an adjustment going from the cozy cocoon feel to flat on his back in the big 'ol crib. He's since adjusted, but he wasn't thrilled at first. I still highly recommend the pack n play.
I love love love our Snap 'N Go stroller. It's absolutely the best invention ever. It's makes taking the baby anywhere a breeze. For those who don't know, the infant car seat fits right into the frame of the stroller. It's super lightweight and easy to push. One of my top three baby items, for sure! I also have the Maclaren Techno XT. I got it on a discounted website for almost 50% off. It's kind of big, so we'll be using it more once he's able to sit up on his own. It'll be great for outings and travelling.

We went big on the swing and chose the Fisher-Price lamb cradle swing. I'd been told by numerous people to get a swing that goes both back and forth and side to side, which really proved to be a good thing. At first Brody only wanted to go front to back and now he prefers side to side. We use this to get a nice fat nap out of Brody during the day. Bad habit, I know, I know. It's a sleep machine for sure! It also has different reclining positions and a lap bar with toys.

Bouncy Seat:
I never thought we'd get as much use out of a bouncy seat as we do. We went with the Fisher Price Bouncer. We have two - one at my mom's and one at our house. Brody actually spent a lot of time sleeping in his bouncy chair when he was a newborn, so this thing was a lifesaver. Now, he loves to play with the toys while Joe and I have dinner or while I'm getting ready in the morning. It's an affordable baby item that I highly recommend.

Bottles, binkies, etc:
We first started out using Playtex Drop In Bottles and used them for about 2.5 months before switching to Avent bottles. I liked the Playtex bottles, and had used them before when I was a nanny, but I got tired of dealing with the liners. I originally wanted them based on the fact that the liners were disposable and it cut down on the time it took to wash bottles. But, really I don't mind washing bottles. I do them once a day and it takes all of like 5 minutes. Plus, you still had to wash the playtex bottles. The avent bottles are wider and shorter. For some reason I really preferred this over the taller, skinny bottles. Call me crazy. I've also been using the Avent pacifiers. We were using the NUK brand, but then I tried the Avent ones and he seemed to not spit them out as much.

Play mat
Brody loves his Mobile Gym play mat. My mom got it for him right before Christmas. Even at 6 weeks, he was totally into the lights and toys. Now he grabs on to the toys and "talks" to the animals. It's another top 3 must have for us.

Baby Carriers:
We have both the Bjorn and the Ergo Carrier (borrowed). People swear on the ergo carrier over the Bjorn, but I think they kind of have different functions. I like the Bjorn better for littler babies, where the ergo works better for bigger/older babies. I also think that Joe would much prefer to use the Bjorn over the ergo. I have used each of them one time, but hope to get much more use out of both of them.

Other items that I love...
Children's Place PJ's- Stretchies- we put these under his sleeping bag
Carter's Sleeping Bag- I tried everything...swaddling lasted all of a months. The woombie never took and the sleep sack made his arms cold. The carters fleece sleeping bags are my favorite!
Carter's Onesies (long and short sleeved) Kohls has the best deals on Carters' stuff
Trumpette socks- we only have one pair so far, but they stay on so well, and they're SUPER cute!
Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
Pampers Sensitive Wipes- B got one diaper rash early one when we tried to switch from these wipes. It went away as soon as we went back.
Carter's Hooded Towels Are you noticing a theme? I loves Carters! These towels are much thicker than most hooded baby towels. I think they'll last longer and be perfect for the pool/beach as well.
Onesie Stickers- I think these stickers are the cutest idea for recording your baby's growth through pictures. I get so excited to take B's picture every month.

I'm sure I'm missing something. There are so many great baby things out there. It's so funny to think about what you think must have and then don't end up using....and then the things you didn't think you'd want/need are your favorite items.

Another thing that I highly recommend is joining Amazon Mom. You can become a member and even do the subscribe and save membership where you have diapers, wipes or anything else delivered regularly for up to 35% off (15 off for joining amazon mom and 15% off for doing the subscribe and save). It's so easy and convenient. Diapers and wipes right to my door? Yes, please!

Amazon Mom Info

Subscribe and Save Info

What's that? You want to see a picture of Brody? Ok, here he is from the other day. He's sporting his airplane overalls from his Auntie Nancy :)

3 Months

Brody is 3 months old!
(technically almost 4 months at this point, but I'm catching up. Pretend I wrote this 2+ weeks ago, describing the month leading up to turning 3 months)

I think I'm going to start using a more standard format for these updates to keep things (and myself) more organized!

How big is Brody? It's all a guess now, since he hasn't been to the doctor since his 2 month check up. He'll go back again in a few weeks for his 4 months check up and shots. I'm so anxious to see how much he weighs. My guess is that he weighs somewhere around 13-14 lbs. That's a lot right?

He's wearing some 0-3 months and some 3-6 month clothes, now. He's in 3-6 months in Gap/Old Navy, although we have to roll the sleeves. He seems to have a longer torso and shorter arms and legs. Wow, that kind of made him sounds like a funny looking baby. He's not, I promise. Carters weight "limit" for 0-3 is 12.5 and although we think he's more than that, he can wear some of the onesies. Definitely not the pants! He's got a belly!

He's still in size 1, pampers swaddlers, although they're getting a little snug. I see size 2s in our not too distant future.

Teeth? Nope, no teeth. He's chewing on his hands a ton and drooling everywhere, so we're prepared for one to make an appearance, but nothing yet.

What's he eating? Brody is still on soy formula and eating 4 oz every 3 hours. He lets you know when he's hungry, that's for sure. Sometimes he can only manage to go 2.5 hours before he's ready for another meal. As suggested by the dr, we tried the milk based formula, to see if he could tolerate it. She said just one bottle would let us know. Well, he took one bottle and we didn't notice any difference, so we proceeded to feed him the milk based formula for the following two feedings as well. We weren't really sure how we'd know if he was ok with it, since our only sign before was that little bit of mucus/blood in his poop, and that only appeared maybe twice in 2 months. Later that evening, Brody had a melt down for an hour or so. We contributed it to the formula, and promptly took him off. I'm not really sure if it had anything to do with the formula, considering he'd had evening melt downs before, but we've been back on the soy ever since. The doctor said we could try again in a few months.

Sleep? Brody's sleeping patterns are definitely inconsistent, but he's gone some longer stretches this month. He went 7 hours between feedings one night, and 6 hours the next. He's gone back and forth between nights of longer stretches, and night with 3 hours stretches. Oh, he's also officially in his crib. Did I mention this? It's wonderful. Of course he's still having his daytime naps in the swing. I'll tackle that issue later.

Personality He's becoming so much more interactive. We have these little conversations that consist of "cooing" back and forth. He looks right into my eyes and chats away. It's fun activity that we usually do together after his bath. He's also becoming more predicable. We know what kinds of things are going to set him off, and what will calm him down. He's a creature of habit I think, and likes a schedule (like his momma). When he's getting tired in the evening he gets a little bit cranky. A bath will always calm him down. He loves his bath. But every night when I go to dry him off and put on his jammies, he smiles and coos, until I get to put his second arm into his PJs. Without fail. Every night. He's a funny guy. He cries and fusses until his arm is in, he's zipped, and I scoop him up. Then he's calm again.

New Developments/Adventures: Brody has his first haircut this month. You might think to yourself, "hmm, that's kind of early, isnt it?". We didn't have any issues cutting his hair. It was growing in all funky and we thought, why not. Joe was cutting his hair, so we figured, lets just buzz Brody's as well. Basically we just evened it out. we perched him in his Bumbo chair on the bathroom counter and Joe went to work. Brody couldn't have been less phased. He was a total champ, obviously having no idea what what going on. He's such a good boy!

Brody celebrated his first Super Bowl (and 3 month birthday) by cheering on the Steelers. They were not successful in securing their 7th ring, but we had fun rooting for them anyway. I take full responsibility in their loss, considering that I bought Brody a new onesie (second picture below) to wear for the big game, when he should have just worn his old one (first picture below) for continued good luck. Oh well...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holiday Gallstones

Let me just preface this by saying that prior to having a baby, I had never been in the hospital for anything. I'd never had and surgery other than having my wisdom teeth taken out. I've never broken a bone or even had stitches. So being in the hospital for the second time in two weeks was a crazy ordeal!

Here's the story...

Just before Christmas, when Brody was only 6 weeks old (to the day) I wound up in the hospital with gallstones. I had no idea that this is a common occurrence after pregnancy. I had never heard of it happening to anyone else and didn't come across it in any of my pregnancy/baby books.

I was fine the entire day leading up to when I went into the hospital. We visited with friends in the afternoon and then went to a graduation party that evening. We got home at about 8pm and settled in on the couch to relax. I wasn't feeling well, so I went to lay down in bed. After about an hour I decided to take a bath because my back hurt. Things just got worse from there. I had an awful pain in my stomach, right in the middle between my ribs. It was a sharp but burning pain, so I thought it may have been heart burn. Joe ran and got me pepto and maalox, but neither helped. At just after midnight I decided something was wrong and we needed to go to the emergency room. We decided that we'd go to the closest hospital to us, which is not the same one where Brody was born. Joe looked up the info online and said it was a 15 minute wait in the emergency room. I figured I could handle that wait- fearing that it would have been much worse and I would have been doubled over in pain among a whole bunch of weirdos.

Joe dropped me at the emergency room entrance and went to park with Brody. When I walked in, it was completely deserted. Not only was the waiting room empty, but there was no one at the front desk. I used the little phone as per the instructions on the wall and a nurse came right back to let me in. I answered some standard questions including when my last period was....eplying with "uhhhh, maybe January? I just had a baby 6 weeks ago". Joe walked in with Brody at that point and I was escorted back to a room. I had no idea what was going to happen next, how long I'd be there or what kind of tests I'd have to go through. I was talking to Joe about whether he should just leave me there, when a nurse stated that I'd at least be there for 3 hours while tests were being run. We decided that it would be best if Joe took Brody home, so they could both get some sleep. He did all my insurance paper work  for me while I was hoked up to an IV and given some pain medication. They also took some blood from me. I then said goodbye to my boys and waited for someone to come in and talk to me.

A doctor arrived rather quickly and asked me a few questions before telling me that I'd be getting an ultrasound done of my abdomen. I was wheeled down the hallway for the longest ultrasound ever. The pain medication was working so I wasn't really feeling any discomfort. After the ultrasound, I was wheeled back to my room- which had a sliding glass door, like for a patio- to wait. Remember how I mentioned in the birth story, that it's not so easy going to the bathroom with an IV attached to you? Well, it's even harder when the nurse puts it in your right hand!

Am I making this story way longer than it needs to be??? I think I'll just get to the important stuff. :)

Ok, so anyway- I think I fell asleep after I got back to my room, and woke up at about 6am when the Doctor came in to talk to me. As soon as he sat down he said "well, it's definitely a gallstone, so you'll have to have your gallbladder removed." He told me that I did have an option of being sent home with pain medication, although I'd eventually have an attack again, and have to come back to have my gallbladder removed, or I could be admitted that same day and have it taken out right away. I opted for the latter, thinking that I just wanted to get it over with and get back to my family. I also didn't want to have another attack and do this whole process over again. I was told that the surgeon would come in to visit me soon and that I'd be moved up to the surgical floor by 1pm. I texted Joe right away to let him know and then called my mom to tell her. After that, I did what every normal person would do- I posted it on facebook. Almost immediately I had a handful of people responding, saying that they or someone they knew had the same thing happen after giving birth. So crazy that I had no idea!

I was sent up to the surgical floor at around noon that day and hung out there for a bit. Joe had come back and was hanging out with me before I went down for surgery about and hour later. Funny story- As we were waiting in the hallway to go into surgery, we were talking to the anesthesiologist. He was actually the man I was picturing for my epidural! Where was he 6 weeks ago? Oh right, wrong hospital. Anyway, he was standing at the foot of my bed when all of a sudden he asks me to stick out my tongue. I do, and he gets this crazy look on his face and says "why is your tongue black?" I totally thought he was joking, and looked to Joe. He had the same look! I realized that it was because I had eaten so many of the chewable pepto tablets the night before for that "heartburn" I thought I had. I'd read online that it will turn your tongue black. The doctor immediately seemed relived but we all had a laugh over it. Joe even took a picture with his phone so I could see it. I looked like a giraffe.

A few minutes later, I was wheeled back to the operating room. I don't know why they didn't knock me out first, those rooms are scary looking! The anesthesia took effect quickly, and before I knew it, I was partially conscious and in a recovery room. That part is a little fuzzy, though I do remember asking the nurses if they did some lipo suction for me while they were in there. I remember joking about that beforehand, but I cant believe I actually asked them that!!!

Later I woke up in my room, where both Joe and my mom were waiting. That was kind of fuzzy too. I remember feeling very drunk-like and then falling asleep again. When I woke up later, I was much more alert. I was uncomfortable, but I had this lovely little button I could push for more pain medication. It couldn't be pushed more than every 20 minutes and I used it sparingly unless I wanted to fall asleep. I felt guilty being away from Joe and Brody, but I was getting some much needed sleep.

My hospital roommate was discharched that evening, so I had the room to myself overnight. The next day was a little uncomfortable, but still not awful. My mom, Joe's mom, Joe and my friend Kristin came to visit and hang out. I slept a lot during the day too, which was nice. The plan was for me to be discharged that night. While I was anxious to get home to Brody, I selfishly admit that I sort of wanted to stay an extra night. I was still in some pain and knew that I wouldn't be able to care for Brody the way I'd want to. I was scared to go home and not be able to hold him the way he wanted and be kind of helpless about things. I did end up going home that night, and everything worked out. Joe's mom said she'd stay with us, so we could both get some sleep and she'd care for Brody. My mom came the next day to help me while Joe was at work, and so Peggy could go home and rest. It was definitely tough being uncomfortable and not being able to do what I needed to do for Brody. But I was thankful to have the help of our family.

I healed a lot quicker than I thought I would. I felt a huge improvement each day when I woke up. By the end of the week, which was Christmas, I was feeling great. My incisions were a little sore, but I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

I didn't have any restrictions after the surgery in terms of diet, which amazed me. Apparently it's an organ that has a function, but at the same time, the body operates just fine without it. I haven't noticed any differences in my digestions, etc since the surgery. So amazing to me.

This was all such a crazy experience! I am so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends around to help us. I'm also very lucky to have such an amazing husband who really became a total hero for me. I love my little family. :)

No relevant picture for this post, but here is a picture of Body and his daddy. They definitely became even better buddies while I was in the hospital. It's one of my favorite pictures. Cari took this one too.


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